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コロナ禍は厳しい…その時々の気づきを書き綴ります。55歳過ぎての、定年前のシルバー起業。 このままでは楽しくないと… 横浜市の支援と信用保証、銀行融資を活用して、必要な国家資格などを取得。生業としてこれからの働き方改革を自分自身に適用しました。


Tess: Oh no.
Randy: What's wrong, Tess?
Tess: I just got the word from the computer repair guy that my broken laptop won’t get fixed for another week. But I'm flying off to Atlanta tomorrow for business meetings - what am I going to do, Randy?
Randy: Well, how about renting a netbook and using the cloud during the trip?
Tess: What cloud? Get serious. I’m desperate.
Randy: I AM serious. You’ve never come across 'cloud computing' before? It’s a concept for Internet-based computing. Instead of managing IT sources, the end user would plug into the ‘cloud’ for infrastructure, platform, and software services.
Tess: What does all of that mean?
Randy: It means it can do pretty much anything your computer can do and more. Right now you’ve got your software and files all on your computer, right? But with 'cloud computing' that’s all up in the cloud, meaning somewhere on the Internet, that you can access from a Web browser. The term ‘cloud’ is a metaphor, used to represent the Internet.
Tess: You mean I can share files, organize schedules, back up data, and do stuff like that all with this 'cloud?’
Randy: Yep, and all you’ll need is a computer and an Internet connection so you can sign in to a service provider.
Tess: That’s pretty cool. Can you tell me more about it? I'll buy you lunch!